Simon Durrant Trompe L'Oeil, Murals and Paint Effects


Costing speculatively is always very tricky. Clients call me and say, "How much would it cost roughly to do a mural on my child's room?" This is what is going through my head:

These are most of the questions I would need answered.

Prices range from 600 – 16,000.

There is no consultation charge within a radius of 10 miles around Harpenden, Herts, although there is a charge out side of this radius.

From this meeting I can assess the nature of your requirements, review them with you and advise. After that I can correctly price it.

Depending on the mural/work, I would advise the next step which is a scale visual that will show composition , sizes and detail involved. At this point we can change any ideas or revise the cost etc. The cost for this is 100 – 300 per visual, which I always strongly advise having done as 98% of my clients go with what I do exactly and the cost of this preliminary work is taken into account with the final pricing. It helps me design the best possible mural and colour co-ordination with the rest of the room.