Simon Durrant Trompe L'Oeil, Murals and Paint Effects

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Simon Durrant has been a very successful artist for almost 20 years now specialising in Murals, Trompe L'Oeil and Paint Effects. He has instinctively seen trends and movements in the design market start to shift at their very early stages and adapted his own skills to ensure that he can compete at the very highest level in an incredibly broad variety of specialist paint effects. These have included the restoration of furnishings that have been damaged as well as creating wonderfully realistic effects on cheaper materials to give the illusion that they are far from that. He has sculpted the most unique pieces out of clay in enormous wooden frames to be moulded and recreated in fibrous plaster. Two such original pieces were commissioned for The Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados (West Indies) during its fabulous refurbishment. They are inset as if natural coral itself has been chiselled into shape and sit proudly in the reception area as one of the first things you see upon arrival.

Trompe L'Oeil is one of the specialist paint effects for which Simon has become particularly well known. The term quite literally means 'to deceive the eye' - which is exactly what this artwork does when Simon creates such an illusion in your home or business. The possibilities are endless with such a style. Simon has followed an outside garden scheme onto the wall of a large conservatory to then project beautiful country side scenes through painted stonework arches. A small but wonderfully designed garden terrace at a residence in London was given 3 panels produced off site of orange groves and lush tree tops and terracotta steps leading down and away from the terrace through a gate swung invitingly open. Before the pieces were hung, tiny holes were drilled in the skies of the artwork and lit with fibre optics so that they subtly twinkled at night – creating a breathtaking illusion.

Painted stonework effects, marbling, graining and exciting colour washes can absolutely change your environment and don't forget that it is all designed exclusively with you, your lifestyle and desires in mind – you will own a piece of work that is yours alone.

The text above gives you some idea of how this kind of work can be implemented at its most imaginative - however mural work and design need not be complex or hugely expensive. Indeed some of the most effective pieces can be small and very personal. Maybe a little character that your child particularly loves painted on a bedroom or nursery wall together with your family pet or a favourite bedtime book. The possibilities really are endless and once you start thinking it's incredible how creative we all are.