Simon Durrant Trompe L'Oeil, Murals and Paint Effects

Indian Mural Stone Effect painted table Peacock Mural Trompe L'Oeil cupoard Indian Mural Stone Effect wall painting Paint Effect Trompe L'Oeil Bird Trompe L'Oeil Parrot Trompe L'Oeil Skylight Sculptured effect Stone Paint Effect Fireplace with Paint Effect Kitchen Indian Mural Greek Scene Trompe L'Oeil window cabinets Jack Nicholson Garden Trompe L'Oeil effect Bathroom Trompe L'Oeil effect Sandy Lane Hotel Arch Trompe L'Oeil effect Paint L'Oeil effect Paint L'Oeil effect Paint effect Stone effect Faithful Dog Dog mural Window Marble Mantlepiece flamingo Spitfire Dinosaur Dinosaur
Peacock Mural

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Well where do I start! Clients never cease to amaze me. All is possible. Sometimes I have to open my mind and have a delve around for some different ideas. On the other side clients need a little push to open up their ideas and what they are capable of.

Once chatting with a client about a window scene of Italy in their dinning room, the mural ended up having a whole world of personal touches that made it a truly a personal piece of art with a hint of paint effects to soften and incorporate it into the room.

I could go on! Challenge me, I love it.

Trompe L'Oeil

What fun we can have here. A small bird perched on a light switch, introduces you into a room full of illusions. Tromp L'oeil (to deceive the eye), I find the hardest part of this art form is to make an illusion work from different angles. This sometimes can be achieved by bending the rules of perspective.

It's nice when, say, a genuine fly or bird is tricked by this great form of art. ( No animals have been hurt in these illusions!)

Paint Effects

From basic tonal painting to magnificent 16th century mirrors. Not only will I paint in which style suits you but:

I also advise on colours, including surrounding colours to be taken into consideration.

Clients include the beautiful rooms of Trinity House on the River Thames (London) accompanied by one of the true masters of paint effects 'Ken' i.e (Blackie), stipling the corridors to match existing paintwork, but also to age so as not to stand out as new work.

I also transformed a imported woodern Italian table to give the illususion of stone. One of the Estate guys walked in whilst I was moving the table top and said "How on earth did you move that!". Well, It was funny at the time".

I enjoy paint effects very much and they more often than not lead on to Trompe L'oeil and mural work.

Sculptured Paint Effects

Well anything is possible.

I was commisioned via Richmond International to produce large panels in fiberous plaster for the new Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados.

Sculpture opens up lots of opportunities with its huge selection of mediums.